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ATSCC leads the industry in providing diverse and comprehensive maritime solutions to support the individual training, staffing, and vessel requirements of its customers. 


In addition to providing its clients with ready access to a fleet of inshore and offshore vessels across the globe, ATSCC provides uniquely tailored programs to meet the specific maritime requirements of its clients.


Standardized and nonstandard maritime program competencies that include:


  • Nonstandard Maritime Operations

  • Maritime Readiness Training

  • Maritime Advanced Seamanship

  • Electrical Basic & Advanced

  • Diesel Basic & Advanced 

  • Outboard Maintenance

  • Remote/Offshore Medicine

  • I-Navigation

  • Weather Basics & Advanced 

  • Assistant Towing Endorsement 

  • On the Water Training


ATSCC currently provides maritime services and support to US government agencies, offices and commands, as well as various private organizations.


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